First Pause Box from Mind

So this is the Pause Box from Mind. How I come to choose it you need to read further on.

As part of my initiative to keep my mental strength in check and try to deal with triggers I started to look for apps that would help me to meditate, breathe, mindfulness (Does anybody know what that is? Answers in the comments, please). I initially found one that looked really good and on downloading it to my phone, had a quick look around and closed it. (This was during lunchtime at work). When I got home, I started to get notifications and requests for payment to access the app, this is normal we know. However, it took a more sinister turn when it started telling me that I didn’t value my mental health and that you can’t put a price on it!

So a bit vexed about it I put it out there on my instagram to say how horible this app was and to tell everybody to steer clear. A friend contacted me through messages and said if I was willing to pay for something had I thought about the Pause Box from Mind Charity. That way I would be supporting a charity that is all about Mental Health and helping myself in the process, a win-win. The friend then sent me a link and after reading it I thought why not give it a go.

I have signed up and will be posting reviews on my Youtube channel and keeping you updated on my progress here. If you would like to support the Mind Charity, please do, they have plenty of relevant and useful information about Mental Health. They run groups and have workplace literature to help companies address and mental health issues. They are great for young and old alike.

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