I’ve tried training my brain to stay on track,
Yet when negativity swarms, my mind starts to attack.
What starts off as hope quickly turns into fears
Laying alone at night, pillows soaking up my tears.
It’s like Climbing up a ladder with endless rungs
Urging to shout at the top of my lungs
Overthinking, head is spinning
Sick of losing, I should be winning
The important thing is I know I’m not to blame
Mental illness is real and I’m not ashamed

Fears, health, negativity, doubts, positivity
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Do you have doubts? How do you combat them? What tricks or tips do use for your mental health. Leave me a comment or a more personalised email through contact me. Your mental heath is important and needs care, if you need help try Mind or Mental Health UK for help.


It was a room full of magic
Endless worlds to explore
When you left the room it was tragic
Because the magic was no more
However bad a day I’d had
You’d say there’s always magic here
So I never worried when I was sad
Because you’d always conjure up some cheer
I could watch your magic all day long
Please, more I want to see
It was like listening to my favourite song
You helped put the magic in me

If you are concerned about a friend or would like to know how to help a friend with mental health problems, the Mind Charity can offer support. If you like what you have read drop me a line or if you would like to read anymore work go here.


Mental Health

A poem about Mental Health

Why does daylight seem so hard to find?
How do I stop feeling trapped inside my own mind?
How can I feel so empty when my mind is always full?
How can a nice bright day still make me feel so dull?
How do I find strength to even get out of bed?
How do I stop feeling weighed down by the thoughts in my head?
Right, that’s it I’ve had enough of these questions.
It’s time I gave myself some new suggestions.
I won’t let depression win, my battle will never stop.
I will feel happy soon, and on that day I’ll be back on top.
I don’t know how long that day will take to arrive.
But the one thing I do know, is that I have the strength to survive.

Why - Questioning my own mind about mental health
Why is the question about mental health

If you would like to discuss this poem or any others, leave a comment or use the contact form if you want to be a bit more personal. If you would like to read more about mental health try NHS England