Even though all the signs had been there she didn’t listen, she knew something was trying to push her out of her home but why should she let it, this was her house and she intended to keep it that way.

She once again took herself up to bed and lay there wondering what traumatic events the night would bring. After about an hour of staring at the ceiling her eyes finally gave in to the pressure of tiredness forcing them shut, but as always the sleep wouldn’t last long.

Lucy woke to the sound of a child laughing, normally that noise isn’t exactly associated with being scared, but it is when you live alone. She looked at the clock on her bedside table even though she knew the time; it was the same time every night the trouble started, exactly 2:36am, and as predicted her clock tonight proved that there was no change to the tradition.

Lucy decided to break the tradition tonight, usually when 2:36am hit she’d be out of bed and searching the house frantically trying to source the origin of the sounds, but not tonight, tonight she was taking a stand, so instead of jumping out of bed like normal, she just lay there hoping that if she ignored it maybe it would stop, but as she was soon to find out this was not the case, by ignoring it she would anger it more and more until it decided to attack.

After about five minutes of her lying there ignoring the laughter it stopped, for a split second she thought she had won, then the bedroom door flew open and with that an ice cold chill filled the room, she gasped for breath as she felt her heart had been frozen.

At this point she had never felt so full of fear, she wanted to get up and run, but she couldn’t, not anymore, something was pinning her down.

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