Mental Health

A poem about Mental Health

Why does daylight seem so hard to find?
How do I stop feeling trapped inside my own mind?
How can I feel so empty when my mind is always full?
How can a nice bright day still make me feel so dull?
How do I find strength to even get out of bed?
How do I stop feeling weighed down by the thoughts in my head?
Right, that’s it I’ve had enough of these questions.
It’s time I gave myself some new suggestions.
I won’t let depression win, my battle will never stop.
I will feel happy soon, and on that day I’ll be back on top.
I don’t know how long that day will take to arrive.
But the one thing I do know, is that I have the strength to survive.

Why - Questioning my own mind about mental health
Why is the question about mental health

If you would like to discuss this poem or any others, leave a comment or use the contact form if you want to be a bit more personal. If you would like to read more about mental health try NHS England