You always claimed to be a friend
And for a while this was true
Whenever you had problems I was there for you
The hours we’ve spent talking I used to listen to you weep
Caring so much I would sacrifice my sleep
But the one time I needed someone
You were nowhere to be seen
The countless times I’ve helped you
Yet you don’t seem as keen
I phoned you more than once to see if you’re around
With every ring my heart sank when I never heard a sound
The last few weeks I’ve struggled
Thinking what the hell I could say
To get my point heard
Without hurting your feelings along the way
Then reality hit, what is there I can do
When it’s obvious now I was always nothing to you

If you feel you have a toxic friendship here are the signs you need to look out for. Like my writing let me know.

Toxic friendships and a friend who will blank you